The Breeze Classic optional features

These features allow you to customize the Breeze Classic to heighten your enjoyment!

Wheels, If you wish to step up from the white base wheel, we can outfit your Breeze with stylish aluminum or chrome wheels.

image   image

A 32qt Coleman cooler with frame and vinyl cover will have your beverages ready for you when you stop.


The Top Deck can be dressed up with an attractive Stainless Steel luggage rack.


To protect the front of your Breeze, we have a heavy duty vinyl Stone Protector that can be installed.


If you would like to have your Breeze color matched to your ride, we can provide you with an exact color match using the manufacturer’s paint for that perfect look.



Bumper / light bar with additional LED marker lights are available to add even more light.  Additional LED Marker lights can be installed at time of order.


Additionally, we can install several options such as a 12v power point so that you can recharge items while traveling down the road.  An interior LED light is also available.  Mud flaps, fender protectors, universal cover, coupler latch lock, ball hider are also available.

And for those times when the Breeze isn’t needed, our trailer is designed to make use of a vertical storage stand.  This will reduce the amount of space required to store your Breeze.  It can be seen on the left in the picture below.