About Breeze  Trailers


Ed and Betty Denman got into the motorcycle cargo trailer manufacturing in 1991 under the name of Country Trailers.  Ed slowly made improvements to the design until he created the perfect cargo trailer.  They finalized the design in 1998 and decided to have a “name that trailer” contest. The name that won was “The Breeze”. And that’s what their customers said; “it pulls like a breeze; you don’t even know it’s behind you”.  The Breeze became a very popular cargo trailer and many were pleased with their purchase.


In 2006, Ed made another improvement to the Breeze.  All lights were changed to super bright LEDs.

In some instances, the lights on the trailer were more visible than the bike’s lights.


Ed sold a Bright Blue Metallic Breeze to me in Spring 2007 to match my 2005 Goldwing.  It has faithfully followed me across this country.  It was such a good product that I ended up helping and working for Country Trailers at several rallies.  Several times Ed asked me when I was going to buy the company from him so that he could retire.  In 2013 Ed and Betty approached me and said it was time for them to make a change and would I be interested in purchasing the Breeze line.  We worked out a deal where I will be producing the Breeze and carrying on the excellent service that Ed and Betty have given to their customers for the last 22 years.

We are pleased that the Denman’s have entrusted me with their creation to move forward and continue offering the Breeze cargo trailer.  We are excited about what the future holds for us!